Sit-up Assistor Folding Abdominal Exercise Fitness Equipment


Sit-up Assistor Folding Abdominal Exercise Fitness Equipment


  • The abdominal wheel is a challenging fitness equipment, which increases the stability and safety in the left and right directions. The product adopts straight force sliding, which allows more people to enjoy the fun.
  • The large base makes it difficult to roll over. Four suction cups are safer. Sliding upright, not easy to flash waist.
  • Efficient fat burning, marking a healthy and good figure. Skating on both wheels without hurting the knee. Exercise of various muscle groups is recommended for aerobic exercise.
  • Insert the pin while doing sit-ups to make the equipment more firm, exercise your waist and abdomen, straighten your chest and raise your hips, and practice your vest line.
  • Rally device, strong elasticity, durable. Train the strength of your arms and tighten your back lines.


  • Product name: Multi-functional abdominal wheel
  • Gross weight: 6kg
  • Product load-bearing: 200kg
  • Abdominal wheel size: 200mm
  • Load-bearing steel pipe: Bold compression steel pipe


  • 1x Abdominal wheel set
  • 2x Drawstring
  • 1x Floor mat
  • 1x English manual

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