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A half-hour ride can burn up to 300 calories! It's important to keep in mind that different hoverboards will produce different results. 

Hoverboards Enhance Reflexes

When you ride a hoverboard, it increases your ability to balance as well as hone your reflexes. To balance a hoverboard and move it forward, you must constantly shift forward and back. If you go too far in either direction, disaster can strike -- but after a while, it becomes easy since reflexes are being strengthened.

It Helps Your Posture

Many people ride bikes for exercise, kids included. But being in a hunched over position puts a lot of stress and strain on the lower back. Hoverboards help you to keep your back straight as you engage your core, helping to improve your posture at the same time. It gives your body a full workout from head to toe without feeling too exhausted or overwhelmed.

Hoverboards require a lot of muscle control and abdominal muscle strength, so some people may not do well on them. But if you're healthy and don't have any health conditions, that would keep you off one; get into it  for a full workout.

CE Certification: Yes
Max Speed: <30km/h
Voltage of Battery: 36v
Frame Material: Aluminum/Alloy
Wattage: 351 - 500w
Range per Power: 10 - 30 km
Certification: UL
Certification: FCC
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Type: Two Wheels

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