2 Inch Hex Bar Weight Lifting Solid Hexagon Bars With Knurled Handles, 1000-Pound Capacity


2 Inch Hex Bar Weight Lifting Combo Hexagon Bars With Knurled Handles, 1000-Pound Capacity


Professional and durable weight lifting equipment: our 51-pound trap rod is made of high-quality silver-chrome surface and has a long-lasting knurled handle. Whether you are training in the garage or the gym owner, they can meet your needs.

Powerful adjustment of hexagonal rods: Each hexagonal rod can bear a weight of 1000 pounds to meet your personal needs, and can accommodate 2 inch plate. When squatting, deadlifting, shrugging or pulling, this can change the weight appropriately.

Two options for physical exercise: These hexagonal barbells offer two different handles to suit the way you need to exercise. They combine a knurled handle to allow you to isolate the muscle groups you need when lifting weights.

Strength and safety: The rod provides a safer center during strength training and reduces the risk of injury compared to the standard rod. In addition, the knurled surface of our handle provides a firmer grip during exercise.

Suitable for everyone: In addition to supporting a lot of weight, the hexagonal barbell is also suitable for anyone, whether men or women. The total length of each rod is 57 inches. Sturdy craft can be used for commercial and private use.


Item Name: Hex Bar
Material: Steel
Product Size: 57 x 23.6 x 5.2in
Product Weight: 51lb
Hex bar is solid
Max Compatible with 1000LB

Package Includes:

1 x Hex Bar (with Ring Buckle)

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